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mk: Coffee Co.

Single Origin Coffees

Our single origin coffees are chosen carefully from the finest beans in the world
mk: Coffee Co. currently stock Colombian Bucaramanga, Peruvian Tunki, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and a House Blend. Our House Blend includes coffee beans from Colombian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan.

All our single origin coffees taste great and are sold at a great price too for everyone to enjoy!

Looking for decaf coffee? Our Swiss Water decaf coffees rely on no chemicals, but produces a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free.

All coffee beans are responsibly sourced from farmers around the world. Our single origin coffee is some of the best you will find anywhere.

Buy coffee at its best from mk: Coffee Co. today. We deliver our single origin coffees to customers and business across the UK.

Our coffee sold in 250g bags so it’s even better value!